Belarusian State Youth Theater


A. Shutov      18+

interactive performans

Trust but verify, the proverb says. A person can have temptations, eclipses, and even the second side of life. Should the secrets always be out? Friends, having met at the exhibition of neurography, inevitably become witnesses of each other’s hidden life. Entering into the personal space of another person, everyone risks being left alone, because there are no ideal people…

Are you ready to trust the most intimate to your relatives?

Premiere – March 20, 2020


Yury Shelankov

Denis Moiseychik

Alexandra Zmitrovich

Tatsiana Novik

Andrey Gladky

Olga Davydova-Roik

Alexander Kornev

Evgeny Lukyanov

Sergey Margovich

Backstage staff:

The stage director – Alexey Shutov

The set designer – Olga Koloban

The music – Mikhail Korenev