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Welcom to our theatre!


Belarusian State Youth Theatre starts a cultural and educational event program and invites students of creative professions, teachers and active young people to participate in it.

Meetings, lectures, excursions and master classes will allow you to connect with the history of the Youth Theatre, get acquainted with its “inner workings” and discover some secrets of professional skills.



Trust but verify, the proverb says. A person can have temptations, eclipses, and even the second side of life. Should the secrets always be out? Friends, having met at the exhibition of neurography, inevitably become witnesses of each other’s hidden life. Entering into the personal space of another person, everyone risks being left alone, because there are no ideal people…

Are you ready to trust the most intimate to your relatives?


PREMIERE PERFORMANCE «Home in the middle of spring»

Somewhere far away from us, there is another amazing world – we saw it and cherished in our dreams. This world shows many ideas, so a person can choose what to go through life with. You only need to decide, to take a step from an oppressive way of life to the knowledge of a new one. Jean leaves a beautiful wife and little daughter to comprehend the secret of being…

The illusions caused by our imagination, and special theatrical form offer everyone to make a choice with a character looking into the depth of our own souls.


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New performances


A. Korovkin

family unifying comedy


Evgeny Zhuravkin
tale for children

Home in the middle of spring

Saulius Varnas
illusion of love

Happy New Year!

Rodion Ovchinnikov
almost comedy