Belarusian State Youth Theater

Ilyevskaya Elizaveta Timofeevna


Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

Has been working in the theatre since 2015.

The roles in performances:

  • Gloria – «Winded horses are shot, aren’t they…» (D. Boyko), 2020
  • Marie Madeleine – «Home in the middle of spring» (S. Varnas), 2020
  • Svetlana – «Happy New Year!» (R. Ovchinnikov), 2019
  • Skomorokh – «The Tale of Fedot the Strelets» (based on L. Filatov’s play “The Tale of Fedot the Strelets-good fellow”), 2019
  • Yulya – «The passing nature» (based on E. Isayeva’s play “Yard as a passing nature”), 2018
  • Emilka Zelter – «The lesson of love. The story of Kosciuszko» (based on A. Boyarskaya’s play “The lesson of Polish”), 2017
  • Anka – «Sentimental Tectonics» (E.-E. Schmitt), 2017
  • Anfisa – «An old magic fairy tale» (based on D. Golubetsky’s play “New Year’s story in the fairytale kingdom”), 2016
  • Nyusya – «Wolf’s Birthday» (stage version of the theatre), 2016
  • Elena – «Vanyushin’s children» (S. Naydenov), 2016
  • Nastenka – «Morozko» (N. Kolyada), 2015
  • Amazon, Elf – «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» (W. Shakespeare), 2015
  • Lipochka – «The Bankrupt» (based on A. Ostrovsky’s play “It’s a Family Affair – We’ll Settle It Ourselves”), 2005