Belarusian State Youth Theater

Current Repertoire

Carlo Goldoni

And how to get rid of love fetters when beautiful features attract”

— Francesco Petrarch

A hymn to a young woman who fights for harmony, respect and beauty in the relationship of a man and a woman. Fights and wins…

Mirandolina manages the hotel and tries to charm every guest. The Marquis and the count are trying to win the heart of a woman, and her assistant has long been aiming for her husband. However, an intelligent innkeeper does not allow any man to approach her — nevertheless, leaving in each of them the illusion of a possible conquest.

And now a misogynist cavalier comes into play, and the woman decides to convince him by all means… How will this story end for the beautiful seductress?



Stage version of the theater 

A well-known ancient fairy tale in which the king decides which of his sons to give the crown to. The one who shoots the furthest, or the one who finds the wisest bride… the youngest of the sons had to marry an enchanted frog.

Will she be able to become the bride of the prince?


an ancient fairy tale for children

Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

“How black thoughts will come to you,

Uncork a bottle of champagne

Or re-read “The Marriage of Figaro”.

— Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

The whole action takes place on one day — on the wedding day of Figaro and the charming Suzanne. What just does not happen on this day — and the court, and dates, and deceptions, and jokes, and conspiracy. In the count’s castle, the household manages to weave a dizzying intrigue with weddings, adoption, jealousy and reconciliation. The main characters will have to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles on the way to their happiness. And the biggest trouble is the Count’s courtship of Suzanne…

In the end, intelligence, resourcefulness and a sense of humor decide everything, not titles and titles.



Stage version of the theater

*** The best and the worst happen by themselves, but what is between… It’s what makes us live on… *** 


A little story is a fairy tale for adults. A story about children’s fears, glass balls without air, fragility and vulnerability of a child. In simple words, about the meaning of life, family and the choice of path.


Plastic performance

Stage version of the theater

On the stage of the Youth Theater, a new production based on the works of Vasily Shukshin: “Raskas”, “Stepkin’s love”, “Fingerless”, “Boots”, “Autumn”. A series of five stories is built as a confidential conversation between the characters and the viewer.

The performance consists of touching life pictures filled with unique humor. The main characters of each plot are painfully familiar to each of us and may well remind you of a story from the life of your friends or yourself. The situation in which the action takes place is always not a complicated one, which allows you to fully concentrate on the main thing: the relationship between people. All the stories are united by a common theme – love, which can be absolutely diverse: happy and unrequited, early and late, forbidden or even too noticeable.



Oscar Wilde

This play by Oscar Wilde has not left the stage of many theaters of the world for more than a hundred years.

The action takes place in a fashionable London society. Two carefree gentlemen, chasing young girls, impersonate a fictional character named Ernest. A serious scandal is brewing because of a ridiculous prank.

Will English dandies learn to be serious at least in love affairs? You will find the answer to this question in the comedy “How important it is to be serious.”

The story is distinguished by wit and elegant humor.


a light-hearted comedy for serious people

Stage version of the theater

A free married couple has its inconveniences: it should be open only from the side where the man is! Because if the “free pair” is opened on both sides, there will be a terrible draft!


italian comedy


Alexandr Ostrovsky

This is a story about a failed love. A rich girl who recently lost her husband finds herself in the center of other people’s intrigues, gossip and secrets. She wants one thing – to love and be loved.

Written at the end of the 19th century, Alexander Ostrovsky’s play is incredibly relevant in our time: love or money, to save yourself or a loved one, to preserve honor and dignity, or to live a life without looking at any moral principles and laws?


the story of a failed love


Bless you!

Pierre Chesnot

Written in the mid-70s by the popular Parisian comedian Pierre Chesnot, the play “Bless you!” awarded the Tristan Bernard Prize for 1976 and has been successfully performing on stages in more than fifty countries of the world.

A famous local writer dies in Paris. Kind relatives flock to the carve-up of property. Of course, when you can improve your affairs at the expense of a huge inheritance, there can be no talk of grief. The incredible events that unfold further will turn the usual way of the family upside down, giving us a reason to laugh at the greed, stupidity and resourcefulness of the heroes!

Brilliant acting, light humor, unusual scenery will plunge you into the exciting, captivating and interesting world of French comedy.


Waiting for you!


french comedy

Главный герой спектакля, пятидесятилетний предприниматель, задумал проект – страховой полис для женщин, обманутых двоеженцами.


Главный герой спектакля, пятидесятилетний предприниматель, задумал проект – страховой полис для женщин, обманутых двоеженцами.


Главный герой спектакля, пятидесятилетний предприниматель, задумал проект – страховой полис для женщин, обманутых двоеженцами.



The main character of the play, a fifty–year-old entrepreneur, conceived a project – an insurance policy for women deceived by bigamists.



romantic drama

Afternoon rest

One-act ballet based on Claude Debussy’s libretto “Afternoon rest of the Faun”.

In times of great isolation and burnout, your own room can become a “chamber.”

Ballet is the dream of a little man to “catch a big fish” without leaving the room

choreographic performance


A feeling of beauty that you want to share.

Action that grabs attention and doesn’t let go.

An endlessly loved musical series that evokes memories.

The expressiveness of the bodies of the artists, which suggests the unreality of what is happening…

This beauty is easy for them.

Is this beauty easy for them?

choreographic performance

Don’t forget to sign

Mikhail Heifetz

The comedy «Don’t forget to sign» by the famous playwright Mikhail Heifetz, a common everyday situation, a date of a young couple, has been brought to the utmost degree of absurdity. “Social utopia” turns into a heap of obstacles and a kaleidoscope of comedic situations. The world of “new ethics” and victorious political correctness, absurd and paradoxical, where any romantic impulses are driven into the framework of the law and regulations. Even Kafka and Orwell could not dream of such a thing…

Can genuine love overcome the “dictates” of a new world that has gone mad? Will our heroes dare to personal rebellion?



6 a.m. Americano

Vlada Olkhovskaya

Marina and Dmitry are an ordinary family, where there are no violent passions, they are quite happy with a quiet, peaceful life. But they can’t get away from the shake-up: suddenly they come across Marina’s husband, who disappeared in the United States 15 years ago. It turns out that Marina is not officially divorced from him, and the house, which she confidently calls her own, belongs to him … and everything that she has made over the years belongs to him. Now Marina needs to convince her husband that he should not only divorce her, but also give her every penny out of the kindness of heart, and then disappear again. The task is unrealistic in itself, and then it turns out that Marina’s husband did not just disappear – he spent all these years in an American prison, and no one in the house knows how dangerous he is and why he returned …


lyrical comedy

Saving Chamber Junker Pushkin

Mikhail Heifetz

This story is about you and me. About each of us. How a person becomes a person…

Living and remembering all the moments of the past, little by little, there is an awareness of who we are. That chamber Junker, the one who we call the Soul, lives in our being. And if one has to wade through all the hardships in life in order to get to know it, and then … Shall we save the chamber Junker Pushkin together?


The story of one failed feat


Andrey Korovkin

Since the very morning the excentric aunties are preparing for the arrival of their beloved nephew. But suddenly an official from the department comes knocking …


family unifying comedy

Rich brides

Alexander Ostrovsky 

It would seem that a bride with a good dowry could marry easily. However, there are some difficulties in such a delicate matter.

The rich widow spends time in a summer house in attempts to attract the young officials having a rest in the neighbourhood. But another bride, young and beautiful, appears inopportunely in the summer village. The general patronizes her; he has his own motives to find a husband for the girl as quickly as possible.

“Rich brides” is the first in Belarus stage production of the play written by A.N. Ostrovsky, the great Russian playwright and reformer of the theatre. Comedy and melodrama intertwine in the performance, action alternates with zongs, which express the position of the creators of the play: love can’t be bought for money.

The one, who looks for happiness, will find it.



The Stupid Lady

Lope de Vega

This year the comedy “The Stupid Lady” of the great Spanish playwright Lope de Vega celebrates its quatercentenary.

The theatres of Madrid and Buenos Aires, London and Paris, St. Petersburg and Moscow turned to this gem of the world drama at different times. And “The Stupid Lady” has always enjoyed an invariable success, because its plot is understandable and relevant at all times.

Senor Octavio has two daughters. Nisa is a super educated, beautiful and arrogant lady, but without dowry in comparison with her sister Phineya, an illiterate and clumsy stupid lady with an impressive heritage. Both daughters give their father bother. Senor Octavio complains that Phineya’s money attracts bachelors, “like honey attracts male-bees”.

“The Stupid Lady” is a dynamic stage performance with music and modern choreography. And brilliant and masterful presence of the actors on the stage gives to the performance the status of comedy – the most difficult genre to create, but the audience’s favorite one.


family unifying comedy

Who am I?

Scenic version of the theatre

You need to think about your sins on time. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a mysterious office, where the bad and good investigators will try to “split” the newcomer to repentance. The future path of each of the participants in the “trial” depends on the result. Sometimes the truth is in the details … Sometimes, the smallest nasty thing gives rise to a great and difficult atone for sin. In our world, we are confident that the scars from our unpleasant acts will resolve on their own and no one will ever remember about it. And there, they remember and record everything. Scary, right? ..


black comedy


Alexey Shutov

Trust but verify, the proverb says. A person can have temptations, eclipses, and even the second side of life. Should the secrets always be out? Friends, having met at the exhibition of neurography, inevitably become witnesses of each other’s hidden life. Entering into the personal space of another person, everyone risks being left alone, because there are no ideal people…

Are you ready to trust the most intimate to your relatives?


interactive performans

Home in the middle of spring

Saulius Varnas

Somewhere far away from us, there is another amazing world – we saw it and cherished in our dreams. This world shows many ideas, so a person can choose what to go through life with. You only need to decide, to take a step from an oppressive way of life to the knowledge of a new one. Jean leaves a beautiful wife and little daughter to comprehend the secret of being…

The illusions caused by our imagination, and special theatrical form offer everyone to make a choice with a character looking into the depth of our own souls.


illusion of love


Evgeny Zhuravkin

Where are miracles born? Those who remember that they are created by a kind fairy who can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, and present crystal shoes as a gift, they will be surprised. Our Fairy performs a miracle: to help Cinderella, she sends two clowns who do not believe in fairy tales. They will have an opportunity to make sure that we need this tale world, because it makes us understand what a real miracle is. This is not only an opportunity to get to the ball and meet a charming prince. This is an opportunity to believe that true miracles are born in our souls. Beautiful, impressive, musical tale performed on the stage, – isn’t it a miracle?


tale for children

Happy New Year!

Rodion Ovchinnikov

If you are personally acquainted with Santa Claus, does it mean that all life issues will be decided by themselves? Moreover, an old history of rivalry comes up: one was the best student of the acting course, but for some reason the other was able to become a TV star. A chance meeting of old friends on the eve of the New Year is a good occasion to celebrate with people of hole entrance, at the same time to find out how to bring happiness into your life. After all, Santa Claus is also a human, and his sole need a holiday…


almost comedy

The Youth Theater invites you to spend an evening in an original and pleasant company.

You will see a musical and theatrical performance – bright song and dance numbers performed by your favorite artists who will try on the most interesting and unexpected roles.




Anton Chekhov

The official congratulation is ready, guests with flowers are on the way. The hero of the day just need to be ready for a magnificent celebration in his honor. But in the holiday rush, as luck would have it, annoying visitors suddenly appear, and they don’t care about your plans. It is not easy to get rid of them or to escape from unnecessary trouble. Is it possible to survive the anniversary and do without a nervous breakdown?
The performance was created for the anniversary of actress Elena Khristich



Dear Pamela

John Patrick

Swindlers can be caring and attentive if they expect to get rich at the expense of your credulity. There’s only one little thing left – to insure someone’s life and provoke an accident. But something went wrong, and now they have to read the messages of fat



English Roulette (Double Double)

Eric Alice, Roger Riis

What can portend the meeting of a man and a woman? The game, where love, happiness and life take a gamble on. The consequences are unpredictable, especially when it’s referred to money. In addition, the story has some ambiguity… A fascinating plot of the play written by Eric Alice and Roger Riis is like theatre at the theatre.


romantic thriller

Trickster club

Vlada Olkhovskaya

A peace loving Psychologist, who saves inhabitants of a big city from depression, is obsessed by Trickster, the spirit of trickery and deception. Now they have to exist together – a new Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; the clients of the Psychologist will get acquainted with them soon.
All of them have to face magic of pure chaos. But this may be the way to the true happiness that they have been looking for.


mystic comedy

The Tale of Fedot the Strelets

Leonid Filatov

A funny musical adventure begins with two suitcases.
The well-loved by more than one generation story about Fedot the Strelets, the daring young man, played by always on the move artists, who arrive late for the train…

The brilliant dialogues of the master of fine satire, Leonid Filatov, find in the performance a new, modern sounding with different kinds of music, expressive plastique and explosive energy of the actors.


musical for dramatic artists

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Some people of different ages and social status – from a cleaner to the president – get in a strange place under mysterious circumstances. Why did they come to be here? What is being kept for them?

How to change destiny, when, it seems, you can’t cope with – in the moment between the past, which cannot be changed, and the future, which may not exist?


metaphysical comedy

Anatoly Krym

The counterintuitive comedy with subtle humour, easy narrative moves and ironic philosophy.

The story that mixes an unbelievable palette of feelings and emotions: professional loneliness, persistent love, extraordinary talent and premature sorrow.

A facetious destiny makes the businessman Arkady an involuntary witness of his own commemoration. For several hours all his, as it turns out, absurd life has been elapsing in front of his eyes. It is difficult to change the course of events, “being in the next world”, but Arkady will try… Sometimes you need to die to start living!



Dmitry Golubetsky 

This incredible story happened in a fairytale kingdom just before the New Year.

One morning the tsar wakes up, and as it turns out – the holiday is close at hand, but in the royal chambers there is not even a Christmas tree. However, there is a Christmas tree in the woods, not simple, but magic – wonderful lights are lit on it, and it is in sweets and gifts.

But the Christmas tree is protected by the awful Nightingale-Robber. Without hesitation, the tsar sends Emelka to the woods. Despite the fact that he is naive, for the sake of his favourite princess Anfisa he will get the Christmas tree and win the Nightingale-Robber whatever it takes.

And the Father Christmas, the Snow Maiden and the aunt Metelitsa will help to grant wishes of the characters. The fairy tale is kind, which means that at the end all good characters will be happy.

Based on D. Golubetsky’s play “New Year’s story in the fairytale kingdom”.


fairytale for children

Jean Poiré

It may seem that the French comedy “The family weekend” just repeats the story of a trivial anecdote: a wife suddenly comes back home and finds her husband in the company of a pretty girl.

But the development of the tricky situation takes a completely unexpected direction, when Stefan who has been caught red-handed misrepresents his lover as his daughter.

Without knowing that, the unlucky liar begins a dangerous game. And the outcome of the duel between male cunning and female mind will show you who will come out as a winner.



Sergey Naydenov

Fathers that wear rags
Do make their children blind;
But fathers that bear bags
Shall see their children kind.

W. Shakespeare “King Lear”

Vanyushin, a father of a large family, who is the main character of S. Naydenov’s play – is the Russian King Lear.

Only in the old age both fathers opened the eyes to their children, who unnoticeably, living side by side with their parents, became indifferent, mercantile egoists. We can see the same thing nowadays in families, where ever-busy mother and father are something like an ATM for their child: why spend time and energy on his education, if it is much easier and more convenient to pay off from the child, who requires attention and love?

Vanyushin bitterly reaps the fruits of his omission as a parent and an educator and still hopes to reach out to the children, to distract them from the worship of material values, to seed reasonable, good, eternal things in their souls. But it is late, time is lost – there is no place to sow. Vanyushin’s terrible dreams-phantasmagorias become reality.



Nikolay Kolyada

“Morozko”, the famous Russian folk tale, known since childhood, is retold in a new way for the New Year.

Its story reminds with its simplicity and beauty of a frost-work on a snow-smeared window. This is Morozko who has decorated it; he will help kind-hearted and hard-working Nastenka to find happiness under the Christmas star.

At a frosty winter night, the Stepmother at the request of her jealous daughter Akulina sends the stepdaughter into the woods for sure death. Nastenka’s hot and affectionate heart will not let her freeze. Wise Morozko will judge everyone in the right way: he will find a suitable award for both, diligent Nastenka and lazy Akulina. The magic fairy tale “Morozko” is full of Christmas songs, interesting riddles and exact sayings, gifts and miracles.


fairytale for children

Sergey Aksakov 

“The Scarlet Flower” is a magic fairytale about the capacity of a warm heart to do miracles. This is an amazing story about pure and bright love, which changes not only character of a person, but also his appearance.

Nastenka goes to the Forest Monster to save her good father’s life and falls in love with the terrible captor, not because of his beautiful face, but his beautiful soul.

Love dispels evil spells, and the Monster turns into a charming Prince.


fairytale for children

Marc Camoletti

«Pyjamas for six» is a funny situation comedy in a real French style, based on the play «Don’t dress for dinner» of the famous comedy dramatist Marc Camoletti.

The family life of a happy couple turns into a tangled skein of relationship. The desire to escape from a day-to-day circle of monotonous existence forces the characters to look for something new. For some time this search remains secret, but one phone call turns everything upside down. Constantly getting into tricky situations, the characters of the performance show miracles of dexterity and an extraordinary imagination.


french garnish

Marsel Berkye-Marinye and A. Kurbsky

We offer an interpretation of the eternal anecdote with the participation of three famous characters – a husband-simp, a charming wife and a clever lover.

You will see that such adventures, both in Russia and in France, don’t differ much from each other.

The ease and cheerful carelessness with which our characters get out of the most complicated situations will allow you to feel with them all completeness of life.


eternal anecdote

You will see the continuation of the famous fairy tale about three young pigs and the gray wolf.

This story tells that everyone needs good friends in life, who would set an example, teach how to be kind, polite and careful.

The stage performance includes a lot of modern music, poems and songs.

The brothers – a resourceful inventor Kharitosha and merry fellows Khrosha and Khrusha – meet the girl Nyusya who arrives from the city on holidays. Everybody has already forgotten about the wolf, but in vain. Nearby there is a brother of the wolf from the old fairytale, he keeps watching the friends and plans something. It is soon his birthday, and he has made up a cunning plan, how to entrap the young pigs…


musical theatrics for children

Natalia Vorozhbit

There is a time to live, and there is a time… to make war. But what if you are an army officer and have died of a cardiac failure before the war?

Sasha is convinced that death is not an excuse for the one who has sworn an oath to protect the Motherland. His wife and his pregnant step-daughter are ready to take him back from the dead if he returns back to the family and not to the war. The living souls argue with the dead, the women turn against the selfish rules of the man’s world, where their destiny is to see off, wait, mourn – and still keep on living.

The play is about family and the moral choice of its head – a man. Because representatives of a strong half of mankind, “doing a little muscle-flexing” often forget that their wives, daughters and mothers stay home.

The play “Sasha, take out the garbage” is written by the modern Ukrainian playwright Natalia Vorozhbit. The play was staged by the theatre actor Dmitry Bogoslavsky at the Belarusian State Youth Theatre.



Vladimir Gurkin

This is a real story about life and a spiritual feat of ordinary people described by the playwright Vladimir Gurkin – the author of the play “Love and Doves” and the script for the eponymous film, loved by more than one generation.

In the Ural village, somewhere near the river Chusovaya, there is a large family –three sisters, their husbands and children.

Together and apart they endure the war and burdens of the postwar period, but remain a family – devoted and the dearest people.

This story is about good human relations, largesse and sentimentality of soul.


good story

Ugo Betti 

Three women live on a mystical island, where there is nothing, except stones and goats. They lead almost monastic life in isolation from the rest of the world.

However, the sudden appearance of a man awakens the hidden instincts and desires from a deep sleep, turns the relatives against one another and pushes them to do strange and terrible things.

It seems that the women, influenced by the dexterous goat herder, walk into the abyss obediently. But who will be the first one?


story in 2 acts

A good and touching, funny and sometimes sad fairytale about love of an ordinary girl Dunyushka and Finist-Yasniy Sokol. They face unexpected and dangerous difficulties on their way.

The angry Koschey decides to hamper their happiness by all means and give his capricious daughter in marriage to Finist.

But if the lovers are pure in heart and have friends, who are ready to come to the rescue in the hour of need, then their love is not under threat of any sinister forces and tricks of destiny.


fairytale for children

Lev Ustinov

One sweet Princess was so afraid of bad people that she asked the Wizard’s dad to turn her into a terrible monster. The wizard loved his daughter very much and therefore fulfilled her strange wish. Now only a Knight who has preserved a sense of compassion and a sense of beauty in his soul can disenchant the Princess. Let them…


musical performance for children