Belarusian State Youth Theater

Winded horses are shot, aren't they...

D. Boyko


dance marathon

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to a unique show! Today they are here for you!
They met to pair up. They live to dance and dance to survive. After all, the wishful prize is a step towards a better future. So they think, but does the desired always justify its price? So far, none of the participants in the show has any idea how these fateful dances will end …

Premiere – August 12, 2020


Alexander Sharov – the Honored Artist of the RB

Andrey Gladky

Alexander Pashkevich

Natalia Podvitskaya

Violetta Sarvirova

Anastasia Revchenko-Lukyanova

Elizaveta Ilyevskaya

Victoria Chumak

Daria Izmailova

Elena Khristich

Ekaterina Romannikova

Denis Moiseychik

Dmitry Boyko

Evgeny Lukyanov

Olga Davydova-Roik

Alexander Kornev

Sergey Margovich

Egor Fedorov

Kirill Akulets

Margarita Kisilite


Backstage staff:

The stage director – Andrey Guziy
The set designer – Andrey Merenkov
The costume designer – Victoria Tya-Sen
The choreographer – Olga Skvortsova
The lighting designer – Sergey Ozeran