Belarusian State Youth Theater

Once again about love

Vasily Shukshin



On the stage of the Youth Theater, a new production based on the works of Vasily Shukshin: “Raskas”, “Stepkin’s love”, “Fingerless”, “Boots”, “Autumn”. A series of five stories is built as a confidential conversation between the characters and the viewer.

The performance consists of touching life pictures filled with unique humor. The main characters of each plot are painfully familiar to each of us and may well remind you of a story from the life of your friends or yourself. The situation in which the action takes place is always not a complicated one, which allows you to fully concentrate on the main thing: the relationship between people. All the stories are united by a common theme – love, which can be absolutely diverse: happy and unrequited, early and late, forbidden or even too noticeable.

Premiere – June 28, 2022

The performance involves:

Alexander Sharov – Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus

Natalia Onishchenko – Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus

Evgeny Ivkovich – Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus

Egor Fedorov

Denis Moiseychik

Yuri Shelankov

Marina Blinova

Tatiana Novik

Anastasia Levchenko

Violetta Sarvirova

Nikolai Vorobey

Anatoly Lagutenkov

Alexander Pashkevich

Alexey Shutov

Natalia Duvanova

Production group:

Directed by Yuri Pakhomov

Production designer – Olga Gritsaeva