Belarusian State Youth Theater

Aksyonkina Tatsiana Evgenyevna

stage director

2000 – graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts with a degree in acting, 2009 – a degree in directing (dramatic art).

Has been working in the theatre since 2014.

2018 – Gratitude of the Culture Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

2017 – Certificate of Honor of the Minsk City Executive Committee

On the stage of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre she has staged the performances:

«The passing nature» (E. Isayeva), 2018

«The wide open scenes», 2017

«The family weekend» (Jean Poiré), 2016

«Morozko» (N. Kolyada), 2015

«My husband’s new love affair» (based on C. Magnier’s play “Herminie”) 2015

«The Scarlet Flower» (S. Aksakov), 2014

«Sanya, Vanya and Rimas with them» (V. Gurkin), 2014