Belarusian State Youth Theater

Pashkevich Alexander Vladimirovich

leading master of the stage

Graduated from the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

Has been working in the theatre since 2014.

The roles in performances:

  • Bill – «Winded horses are shot, aren’t they…» (D. Boyko), 2020
  • Schaeffer, guide – «Home in the middle of spring» (S. Varnas), 2020
  • Shipuchin Andrey Andreevich – «Anniversary» (A. Chekhov), 2019
  • Mikhail – «Love until loss of memory» (V. Krasnogorov), 2019
  • Priest – «But it wasn’t invented by us» (based on D. Bogoslavsky’s play “The tale about customs free times and a long way, but always final, as it should be, but it wasn’t invented by us”), 2018
  • Ivan, Uncle Lyonya – «The passing nature» (based on E. Isayeva’s play “Yard as a passing nature”), 2018
  • Turin – The Stupid Lady» (Lope de Vega), 2017
  • Ded Moroz – «An old magic fairy tale» (based on D. Golubetsky’s play “New Year’s story in the fairytale kingdom”), 2016
  • Tom Wilson – «Bigamist» (A. Miller), 2016
  • Sasha – «Sasha, take out the garbage» (N. Vorozhbit), 2016
  • Martin – «My husband’s new love affair» (based on C. Magnier’s play “Herminie”), 2015
  • Bottom, Pyramus – «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» (W. Shakespeare), 2015
  • Dorn – «Chekhov. The Comedy. The Seagull.» (based on A. Chekhov’s play “The Seagull”), 2014
  • Piotr Rudakov – «Sanya, Vanya and Rimas with them» (V. Gurkin), 2014
  • Eduardo, Enrico – «The Goat Island» (Ugo Betti), 2014
  • Flavy – «Squaring the circle» (V. Kataev), 2012
  • Matey – «The merry fair» (V. Volsky), 2006