Belarusian State Youth Theater

Home in the middle of spring

S. Varnas     16+

illusion of love

Somewhere far away from us, there is another amazing world – we saw it and cherished in our dreams. This world shows many ideas, so a person can choose what to go through life with. You only need to decide, to take a step from an oppressive way of life to the knowledge of a new one. Jean leaves a beautiful wife and little daughter to comprehend the secret of being…

The illusions caused by our imagination, and special theatrical form offer everyone to make a choice with a character looking into the depth of our own souls.

Premiere – March 17, 2020


Vladimir Bozhkov

Anastasia Revchenko-Lukyanova

Anatoly Lagutenkov

Alexsander Pashkevich

Daria Izmailova

Elizaveta Ilyevskaya

Marina Blinova

Natalia Podvitskaya

Ivan Shetko

Dmitry Boyko

Victoria Chumak

Ekaterina Romannikova

Kirill Baltrukov

Backstage staff:

The stage director – Saulius Varnas

The set designer – Olga Gritsaeva

The costume designer – Victoria Tya-Sen

The choreographer – Olga Skvortsova

The lighting designer – Sergey Ozeran