Belarusian State Youth Theater

Bozhkov Vladimir Alexandrovich


Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

Has been working in the theatre since 2019.

The roles in performances:

  • Victim –  «Who am I?» (scenic version of the theatre), 2020
  • Watchman, young man, tourist – «Home in the middle of spring» (S. Varnas), 2020
  • Neighbor –  «Happy New Year!» (R. Ovchinnikov), 2019
  • Wolf –  «But it wasn’t invented by us» based on D. Bogoslavsky’s play “The tale about customs free times and a long way, but always final, as it should be, but it wasn’t invented by us”, 2018
  • First policemen –  «The man from Podolsk» (D. Danilov), 2018
  • Paraclete –  «The corpse» (A. Krym), 2017
  • Haritosha –  «Wolf’s Birthday» (stage version of the theatre), 2016
  • Dog Filya –  «Dunyushka and the Kingdom of Koshchei» (based on Slavic folk tales), 2013
  • Steward –  «The Bankrupt» (based on A. Ostrovsky’s play “It’s a Family Affair–We’ll Settle It Ourselves”), 2005