The magic ring 6+
Dmitry Bogoslavsky fairytale for children

We are going to show you the story about the magic ring with the help of which Baba Yaga Yaginishna wanted to seize the power in the fairy kingdom.


Fortunately, Ivan Soldatsky son, a doughty lad, appears to hinder her cunning plan and to get the dearest happiness for himself with the help of courage and ingenuity.

Actually, what fairytale can do without the charming Tsarevna, who has gained the heart of the brave Ivan? In our story you will see extraordinary miracles, but the evil will be conquered not with the help of magic, because real feelings are stronger than any magic.


Premiere – 2011.


Duration – 1 hour 05 minutes (no intermission) .

Cast: Backstage staff:

The author of the play – Dmitry Bogoslavsky

The stage director – Evgeny Ivkovich

The set designer – Dmitry Mokhov




Kirill Novitsky

Alexey Shutov


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