Pieta 16+
choreographic performance

The world, abandoned by love, can't keep balance, like a bloodless body is doomed to mummification. Flowers will not grow on the blood soaked earth – memories will not bring the body back to life. There are no winners and losers in the war. Mother does not care, who her son shed blood for.


Pieta (from Italian pietà "pity") – the iconography of the scene of the Lamentation of Christ by the Virgin Mary with the image of the Mother of God with the dead Christ lying on her lap.

Premiere – June 22nd, 2018



Cast: Backstage staff:

Kirill Baltrukov

Evgeny Ivanov

Nikolay Dmitrov

Irina Shirokaya

Lydia Vostroknutova

The stage director – Irina Shirokaya

Choreography – Irina Shirokaya and the dancers

Olga Rabetskaya

Ekaterina Gerasimenko


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Friday: 9.00 — 17.00

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