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Eric Alice, Roger Riis
Hotel of Two Worlds 16+ metaphysical comedy

Some people of different ages and social status – from a cleaner to the president – get in a strange place under mysterious circumstances. Why did they come to be here? What is being kept for them?


How to change destiny, when, it seems, you can't cope with – in the moment between the past, which cannot be changed, and the future, which may not exist?



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But it wasn’t invented by us 16+ road play

The performance is based on Dmitry Bogoslavsky’s play «The tale about customs free times and a long way, but always final, as it should be, but it wasn’t invented by us».


«Nichypar …» is a "road play", thought up by the author by analogy with a "road movie", which tells in a popular language with a humorous undertone, simply and wisely, about human course of life, always final, but having the sacred meaning, about faithful companions and predestinate people.



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English roulette 16+ romantic thriller

What can portend the meeting of a man and a woman? The game, where love, happiness and life take a gamble on. The consequences are unpredictable, especially when it's referred to money.  In addition, the story has some ambiguity…


A fascinating plot of the play written by Eric Alice and Roger Riis is like theatre at the theatre.

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Pieta 16+ choreographic performance

The world, abandoned by love, can't keep balance, like a bloodless body is doomed to mummification. Flowers will not grow on the blood soaked earth – memories will not bring the body back to life. There are no winners and losers in the war. Mother does not care, who her son shed blood for.


Pieta (from Italian pietà "pity") – the iconography of the scene of the Lamentation of Christ by the Virgin Mary with the image of the Mother of God with the dead Christ lying on her lap.

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Synopsis 16+ choreographic performance

"Synopsis" is an interaction of four people with their own memory, wishes and passions, the world and between themselves.


The white cloth of space, bounded by frames, which visually doesn't have neither an entrance, nor an exit, is a kind of magnet that controls these people and does not allow them to stop, to fall. It is passion, which gives life and faith, and at the same time, reveals inner secrets and the part of the unconscious that is in each of us.

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DecaDance 12+ choreographic miniature

The beginning of the XX century was an era of changes, the Silver Age in poetry, the aesthetics of decay. Black color became the main attribute of the beautiful at the time. It was amazing…

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Origami 12+ the evening of modern choreography

Origami is the art of creating "art" from paper. The important thing is how the process influences the master. Working with paper requires a special attitude towards it, only then a piece of paper "will allow" to make "art" of itself.


Five girls will tell stories from our lives using paper. Some girls express themselves in these stories, some girls have to change their image, but the most important thing is that they use paper to tell their stories. So, what is the result of it?

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The passing nature 16+ melodrama
Elena Isayeva

The yard is not a place, the yard is philosophy.


Each of us remembers those better days, when the grass was greener, parents were younger and happiness was closer...



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The man from Podolsk Dmitry Danilov intelligence analysis in one act 18+

The play takes place at the Moscow police department. Nikolay, the detainee, is a thirty-year-old resident of Podolsk, situated near Moscow, waits in fear for the explanations, why he is brought here and what is his fault.


But the usual interrogation in such a situation turns into an intellectual and personal test, which turns out for the character to be worse than moral and physical humiliations.

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The wide open scenes. For you, women! performance-concert 12+

The Youth Theatre invites you to spend the evening in an original and pleasant company.


You will see a musical and theatrical performance – wonderful songs and dances performed by your favorite artists, who will try to play the most interesting and unexpected roles.


The performance-concert is an excellent entertainment for those who would like to take a break from everyday life, give themselves a sense of holiday and a good mood.


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Adventures in the Kingdom of Dreams 6+ fantastic journey
Sergey Kovalev

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the birth place of the most unusual and wonderful dreams? Then we invite you to make a terribly fascinating journey to the Kingdom of Dreams together with the Boy and his friends – the resourceful House spirit and the noble Wooden knight.

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The lesson of love. The story of Kosciuszko drama 16+
Anna Boyarskaya

At the set of life the Polish patriot, the leader of the revolt in 1794 – Tadeusz Kosciuszko – lives in Switzerland, where he gives lessons to young Emilka Zelter.


The thrilled young girl tries to understand the Polish soul and asks Kosciuszko to tell her about heroic past, victories, treachery, exile, love… Emilka doesn't notice how she gets a sincere feeling towards this great, but suffering man. But whether the characters of the story can belong to someone, even to themselves?

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The Stupid Lady romantic comedy 16+
Lope de Vega

"The Stupid Lady" is a dynamic stage performance with music and modern choreography.


Senor Octavio has two daughters. Nisa is a super educated, beautiful and arrogant lady, but without dowry in comparison with her sister Phineya, an illiterate and clumsy stupid lady with an impressive heritage. Both daughters give their father bother. Senor Octavio complains that Phineya's money attracts bachelors, "like honey attracts male-bees".

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Whether spring is sacred... 16+ modern ballet in 2 acts

This ballet is a reverence to the 20th century, an allusion to the libretto on "The Rite of Spring" of N. Roerich and I. Stravinsky.


In this interpretation, not one girl but the whole tribe becomes the victim for the sake of regeneration in the pagan ritual, dedicated to the god of spring.

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Sentimental Tectonics 16+ melodrama
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

This is a story about difficulties of relationship between a man and a woman, about uncertainty and fears that bring pain and suffering, about searching for love and finding it. Doubts about the truth of the feelings of her beloved force the main character to start a dangerous "game", which gradually gets out of control...


The audience with the characters of the play "Sentimental Tectonics" will have an exciting travel, at the end of which they will understand why it is better not to play with love!

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The corpse comedy 16+
Anatoly Krym

The counterintuitive comedy with subtle humour, easy narrative moves and ironic philosophy.


The story that mixes an unbelievable palette of feelings and emotions: professional loneliness, persistent love, extraordinary talent and premature sorrow.

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Masculine, singular 16+ comedy
J.-J. Briker and M. Laseg

"Masculine, singular" is a modern situation comedy in which everything, starting from the personality of the main character, is not what it seems.


The story doesn't cease to surprise because of unexpected turns until the conclusion, until the last word.

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Wolf's Birthday 0+ musical theatrics for children

You will see the continuation of the famous fairy tale about three young pigs and the gray wolf.


This story tells that everyone needs good friends in life, who would set an example, teach how to be kind, polite and careful.


The stage performance includes a lot of modern music, poems and songs.

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An old magic fairy tale 0+ fairytale for children
Dmitry Golubetsky

This incredible story happened in a fairytale kingdom just before the New Year.


One morning the tsar wakes up, and as it turns out – the holiday is close at hand, but in the royal chambers there is not even a Christmas tree. However, there is a Christmas tree in the woods, not simple, but magic – wonderful lights are lit on it, and it is in sweets and gifts. But the Christmas tree is protected by the awful Nightingale-Robber.

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DreamWorks drama 16+
Ivan Vyrypaev

David talks to his deceased wife Meryl, he is not able to let go of love for her and move on.


There are banal, but very important open questions about love, family and human destiny. To find the answers to them, David needs Meryl…

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The family weekend 16+ comedy
Jean Poiré

It may seem that the French comedy "The family weekend" just repeats the story of a trivial anecdote: a wife suddenly comes back home and finds her husband in the company of a pretty girl.


But the development of the tricky situation takes a completely unexpected direction, when Stefan who has been caught red-handed misrepresents his lover as his daughter.

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Vanyushin's children 16+ drama
Sergey Naydenov

Vanyushin, a father of a large family, who is the main character of S. Naydenov's play – ¬is the Russian King Lear.


Only in the old age both fathers opened the eyes to their children, who unnoticeably, living side by side with their parents, became indifferent, mercantile egoists. We can see the same thing nowadays in families, where ever-busy mother and father are something like an ATM for their child: why spend time and energy on his education, if it is much easier and more convenient to pay off from the child, who requires attention and love?

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Sasha, take out the garbage 16+ drama
Natalia Vorozhbit

There is a time to live, and there is a time… to make war. But what if you are an army officer and have died of a cardiac failure before the war?


The play is about family and the moral choice of its head – a man. Because representatives of a strong half of mankind, "doing a little muscle-flexing" often forget that their wives, daughters and mothers stay home.

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Morozko 0+ fairytale for children
Nikolay Kolyada

"Morozko", the famous Russian folk tale, known since childhood, is retold in a new way for the New Year.


Its story reminds with its simplicity and beauty of a frost-work on a snow-smeared window. This is Morozko who has decorated it; he will help kind-hearted and hard-working Nastenka to find happiness under the Christmas star.

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My husband's new love affair comedy 16+
Claude Magnier

The modern, dynamic comedy "My husband's new love affair" is a bright stage performance based on the play of Claude Magnier "Ermina".


An amusing confusion, a cheerful turmoil and brilliant lines of the stage performance completely captivate the audience from the first minute.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream 16+ dangerous comedy
William Shakespeare

In the performance there is a series of incredible events, which happen in the Athenian wood during one night or one strange and magical dream. The world of people faces the world of wood spirits, reality faces dream.



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... this is not a movie plastique performance 12+

... this is not a movie


... this is not a stream of our fears and illusions


... this is not a spectator's position to avoid presence


... this is not an existential crisis, this is the runaway into reality in an attempt to find poetry at the present moment, this is the beauty, which asks for coming out... and an important word is consciously omitted here.

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Chekhov. The comedy. The Seagull Anton Chekhov performance in 2 acts 16+

The performance offers a postmodern reading of endlessly interpreted classics.


The text of Chekhov’s play is divided into parts. On the stage, they gather in a mosaic of meanings, where the actor's identity is separated from the image of his character and superimposed on him at the same time.

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The Scarlet Flower Sergey Aksakov fairytale for children 0+

"The Scarlet Flower" is a magic fairytale about the capacity of a warm heart to do miracles. This is an amazing story about pure and bright love, which changes not only character of a person, but also his appearance.

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A substantive discussion 12+ plastique performance

The dance performance «A substantive discussion» is a media project, performance, laboratory, open dialogue with space and audience.


In real time the dancers try to understand such ambiguous questions: "what is modern art?", "how relevant it is, or is it enough to represent the necessary context, is an art object important?"...

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The dowerless girl drama 12+
Alexander Ostrovsky

This is a drama about the destiny of the poor girl Larisa Ogudalova. As a valuable subject, she is involved in a cruel game, which is played by those around her, including her dear ones.


The people were smitten with burning passion, the worlds were created and collapsed, the hope was replaced by disappointment hundreds of times.

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Sanya, Vanya and Rimas with them 16+ good story
Vladimir Gurkin

This is a real story about life and a spiritual feat of ordinary people described by the playwright Vladimir Gurkin – the author of the play "Love and Doves" and the script for the eponymous film, loved by more than one generation.


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The Goat Island Ugo Betti story in 2 acts 18+

Three women live on a mystical island, where there is nothing, except stones and goats. They lead almost monastic life in isolation from the rest of the world.


However, the sudden appearance of a man awakens the hidden instincts and desires from a deep sleep, turns the relatives against one another and pushes them to do strange and terrible things.

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Bardo 16+ the evening of modern choreography

Bardo (tib. bardo, Sanskr. antarābhava) is an intermediate state, a transitional stage between one phenomenon and another.


An experimental work about the Person and his attitude toward time, death and other similar persons, about the lack of congeniality and compassion.

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Dunyushka and the Kingdom of Koschey

A good and touching, funny and sometimes sad fairytale about love of an ordinary girl Dunyushka and Finist-Yasniy Sokol. They face unexpected and dangerous difficulties on their way.


The angry Koschey decides to hamper their happiness by all means and give his capricious daughter in marriage to Finist.

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fairytale for children 0+
The prophecies arise like stars... Irina Odoyevtseva dramatic performance about love 12+

"Love is gratitude,

love is devotion,

love is a duel,

mutual admiration" –

all these subjects will be comprehensible to the interested audience.

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A Warsaw melody 16+ melodrama
Leonid Zorin

A Polish girl (future singer) and a Russian guy, who dreams of being engaged in winemaking, meet each other in a postwar Moscow.


Crazy love flashes between the young people, and it seems that there are only joy and happiness ahead.

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An ordinary story 12+ melodrama
Ivan Goncharov

"An ordinary story" is a story about inevitable losses during growing-up and what happens to everyone as the youthful sincerity and ardor fade.


Alexander Aduyev, a young gentleman full of bright hopes from the province, comes to his uncle to St. Petersburg. But a busy life in the capital among such cynics, as his uncle, cuts the young man down to size.

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The magic ring 6+ fairytale for children
Dmitry Bogoslavsky

We are going to show you the story about the magic ring with the help of which Baba Yaga Yaginishna wanted to seize the power in the fairy kingdom.


Fortunately, Ivan Soldatsky son, a doughty lad, appears to hinder her cunning plan and to get the dearest happiness for himself with the help of courage and ingenuity.

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Pyjamas for six (Don't dress for dinner) 16+ french garnish
Marc Camoletti

«Pyjamas for six» is a funny situation comedy in a real French style, based on the play «Don't dress for dinner» of the famous comedy dramatist Marc Camoletti.

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Vasilisa the Beautiful fairytale for children 0+
Tatsiana Patsay

This is an amazing fairytale about a Russian beauty and a noble Tsar, who fell in love with her.


Her stepmother and sisters envied Vasilisa's talents and success and forced her by deceit to go to Baba Yaga. Vasilisa managed to do all the tasks of the hostess of the hut on chicken legs by means of resourcefulness and magic.

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Threesome love 16+ eternal anecdote
Marsel Berkye-Marinye and A. Kurbsky

We offer an interpretation of the eternal anecdote with the participation of three famous characters – a husband-simp, a charming wife and a clever lover.


You will see that such adventures, both in Russia and in France, don’t differ much from each other.

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The Bankrupt Alexander Ostrovsky comedy 12+

«The Bankrupt» or «It's a family affair – We'll settle it ourselves» is one of the brilliant playwright’s first plays, written amusingly, with passion of youth.


It is extraordinary modern even today, in the interpretation of the theatre. And cheerful Russian songs and dances excellently emphasize a lively atmosphere of the play.

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