Origami 12+
the evening of modern choreography

Origami is the art of creating "art" from paper. The important thing is how the process influences the master. Working with paper requires a special attitude towards it, only then a piece of paper "will allow" to make "art" of itself.


Five girls will tell stories from our lives using paper. Some girls express themselves in these stories, some girls have to change their image, but the most important thing is that they use paper to tell their stories. So, what is the result of it?

Premiere – February 28th, 2018.

Cast: Backstage staff:

Irina Shirokaya

Arina Zalesskaya

Ekaterina Gerasimenko

Lidiya Vostroknutova

Olga Rabetskaya

The stage director – Kirill Baltrukov

The set designer – Kirill Baltrukov

The costume designer – Kirill Baltrukov

Valeria Le


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Monday: closed

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Friday: 9.00 — 17.00

Information and booking tickets by phone: 8-017 239-27-21

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