Pyjamas for six (Don't dress for dinner)
Marc Camoletti 16+
french garnish

«Pyjamas for six» is a funny situation comedy in a real French style, based on the play «Don't dress for dinner» of the famous comedy dramatist Marc Camoletti.

The family life of a happy couple turns into a tangled skein of relationship. The desire to escape from a day-to-day circle of monotonous existence forces the characters to look for something new. For some time this search remains secret, but one phone call turns everything upside down. Constantly getting into tricky situations, the characters of the performance show miracles of dexterity and an extraordinary imagination.


Premiere – April 7th, 2011.


Duration – 2 hours 10 minutes (with an intermission).

Cast: Backstage staff:

The stage director – Mikhail Kovalchik

The set designer – Alexander Kostyuchenko

The costume designer – Olga Gritsayeva

Background music – Mikhail Kovalchik

The ballet master – Efim Fadeev

Ivan Shetko


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From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 — 20.00

Monday: closed

Monday: 9.00 — 18.00

From Tuesday to Thursday: 9.00 — 17.30

Friday: 9.00 — 17.00

Information and booking tickets by phone: 8-017 239-27-21

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