Chekhov. The comedy. The Seagull
Anton Chekhov 16+
performance in 2 acts

The performance offers a postmodern reading of endlessly interpreted classics.


The text of Chekhov’s play is divided into parts. On the stage, they gather in a mosaic of meanings, where the actor's identity is separated from the image of his character and superimposed on him at the same time.

An increased expressivity and an extremal state between life, death and madness advantageously accentuate the famous plot.


Premiere – December 23rd, 2014.


Duration – 2 hours 45 minutes (with an intermission).

Cast: Backstage staff:

The stage director – Iskander Sakaev

The set designer – Olga Gritsayeva

The costume designer – Victoria Tya-Sen

Anastasia Solovyova

Ilya Cherepko-Samokhvalov

Maxim Dubovsky

Lyubov Pukita

Denis Avkharenko

Ivan Shetko

Raisa Sidorchik


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