An ordinary story 12+
Ivan Goncharov melodrama

"An ordinary story" is a story about inevitable losses during growing-up and what happens to everyone as the youthful sincerity and ardor fade.


Alexander Aduyev, a young gentleman full of bright hopes from the province, comes to his uncle to St. Petersburg. But a busy life in the capital among such cynics, as his uncle, cuts the young man down to size.

This is a witty, deeply touching and very humane story. The performance doesn't have a paradigmatic dust, it will be always modern, in any century. In fact, this is the story about each of us – very ordinary story!


Premiere – March 30th, 2012.


Duration – 2 hours 10 minutes (with an intermission).

Cast: Backstage staff:

Ilya Cherepko-Samokhvalov

Tatsiana Novik

Ivan Schetko

Alexander Kaminsky

Denis Avkharenko

Andrey Gladky

Denis Moiseychik

Dmitry Bogoslavsky

Maxim Dubovsky


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