Adventures in the Kingdom of Dreams
Sergey Kovalev 6+
fantastic journey

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the birth place of the most unusual and wonderful dreams? Then we invite you to make a terribly fascinating journey to the Kingdom of Dreams together with the Boy and his friends – the resourceful House spirit and the noble Wooden knight.


You will follow the traces of the artful servants of the Fairy of dreams – Izmora and Skupidon, and you will meet the magic Dream-Flower, the Coward king, the Guardian, the Ghost and even the Dragon. But don't be frightened – you are under protection of the Wooden knight. And let him be just a toy, but he is always ready to come to the rescue.


Premiere – December 26th, 2017.


Duration – 1 hour 10 minutes (no intermission).

Cast: Постановочная группа:

The stage director – Alena Zmiter

The costume designer – Victoria Tya-Sen

Alexey Shutov

Anatoly Lagutenkov

Anton Makukha

Olga Roik


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