A Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare 16+
dangerous comedy

In the performance there is a series of incredible events, which happen in the Athenian wood during one night or one strange and magical dream. The world of people faces the world of wood spirits, reality faces dream.


Four young characters get lost in love feelings towards one another, and Titania, the queen of fairies and elves, falls in love with an artisan with the donkey's head at will of her perfidious husband, King Oberon.

The struggle of the female and male principles is like a war, in which there is a place to a temporary truce and love fever in the dope of a deceptive dream.


Premiere – 2015.


Duration – 2 hours (with an intermission).

Cast: Backstage staff:

The stage director – Iskandar Sakaev

The set designer – Iskandar Sakaev

The costume designer – Victoria Tya-Sen

The illumination – Ilshat Sayakhov



Marina Blinova

Anastasia Solovyova

Ilya Cherepko-Samokhvalov

Denis Parshin

Lyubov Pukita

Denis Avkharenko

Ivan Shetko

Ekaterina Romannikova

Elizaveta Ilyevskaya

Maxim Dubovsky

Anatoly Lagutenkov

Kirill Novitsky


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Monday: closed

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Friday: 9.00 — 17.00

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